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Akshay Ballal — On 3D Printing and Automation, Achieving Stretch Goals, Scratching Your Own Itch, Taking India Global, and more

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Akshay is the Chief Product Officer at Fabheads Automation, a startup that automates manufacturing by building 3D printers for fabricating composite products, and is developing automation equipment for manufacturing high-end carbon fiber parts.
Fabheads Automation was founded in 2015 and is currently valued at close to $10 million. The company’s primary focus areas presently are the Aerospace, Automobile, and Biomedical sectors.
I first heard about the startup a few months ago on the news when they were featured and interviewed for winning a defense development project for the Indian Air Force. As a part of this, Fabheads will design and develop carbon fiber helicopter blades for the Indian Air Force. Almost 50% of the IAF helicopters use metal blades that need to be replaced after 2000 hours, while the blades FabHeads is currently developing will last for a minimum of 8000 hours and reduce maintenance cost by at least 30%, which is a remarkable development and innovation.
Akshay’s journey, in particular, is inspiring because he started off as an intern at Fabheads as an intern in 2017 but became the Chief Product Officer in 2019. He’s also passionate about automobiles and robotics, but there’s almost nothing you can find about him on the internet. In this episode, we discover more about the person behind the achievements.

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