A Simple Exercise to Balance Your Body and Mind

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A Simple Exercise to Balance Your Body and Mind

A balanced body leads to a balanced mind. You are calmer while facing a crisis, less anxious overall, and are more open to solving problems instead of wanting to avoid them.

But the current sedentary lifestyle has made us more shoulder heavy, forward pushing, which means our body’s attention is more focused on the shoulders than at the actual center just above the navel.

Readjusting our body’s center makes us feel more planted physically and emotionally. In this episode, I read an excerpt from George Leonard’s book Mastery that walks us through a balancing and centering procedure. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to do but will leave you feeling better for hours after. And the results will show on your relationships, chores, work, and everything else. [The actual exercise is from 05:23 to 14:32.]

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