9 Books I’ve Gifted and Recommended the Most

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9 Books I’ve Gifted and Recommended the Most

In the last five years, I’ve gifted and recommended a few books to friends and colleagues over and over again. Seven of them were written in the last two decades, one in 1992, and one in 1967. You can say they’re not “timeless.” Yet, they’ll remain relevant until the time robots take over the world.

These book recommendations include books that offer practical advice to improve our mindset, work ethic, and add value to the world. The principles in them are simple enough to read, absorb, and apply to anyone regardless of how much they love reading or the stage of life they’re in. All they need is the desire to learn and improve.

Listen to my recommendations for nine books below.

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Mindset by Carol Dweck
Rapt by Winifred Gallagher
The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
On the Shortness of Life by Seneca
One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer, PhD
Mastery by George Leonard
Deep Work by Cal Newport
The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker
Upstream: How to Solve Problems Before They Happen by Dan Heath
The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo
Give and Take by Adam Grant

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